Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help the guild?
Be active! Participate in events and trials, join us in chat, get to know your guildmates, and enter the raffles and auctions!

How do I join an event?
Events (except for trials) are organized in the events voice channel, usually starting 10-15 minutes before the event start time. Just show up there and you'll get directions on how to join in!

I don't have a mic/I don't feel comfortable speaking in voice chat
That's fine, no one (except the officers leading events) is ever required to speak in voice chat. You can communicate with the event leads using one of the no-mic channels; these can be found at the top of the voice channels section and are #voice-chat-no-mic, #trials-chat-no-mic, and #trials-chat-public. Once the event begins and you are in a group, the best way to communicate in text is usually the group chat in game.

I'm hard of hearing or otherwise unable to hear the voice chat
Please contact the event lead ahead of the event to see if an accommodation can be made, such as having someone type the event lead's instructions out. The availability of accommodations will be based on the nature of the event and the availability of officers to join the event to provide them. If you have any suggestions on how an event can be more accessible, please DM an officer, we are always striving to improve!

What are trials?
Trials are 12-person 'dungeons' similar to raids in other MMOs. They require a higher degree of coordination than most events, and also require specific roles. Most trials in SoS have a level requirement of level 50/CP160, but lower level players will occasionally be brought along if there is sufficient DPS and experience already signed up and the trial is one of the easier ones.

We do hold 'Beginner' or 'Teaching' trials nearly every week; these trials are designed specifically for players who have not gone to trials before - or who just have not gone to that trial before. Half of the slots on these trials are reserved for newer players, and half for experienced players who know the trial well and are willing to carry new players. These trials are low-stress, with extended explanations of mechanics by the trial leads. If you are unsure if you should sign up as a beginner or an experienced player, contact the trial lead.

How do I join a trial?
Sign up for a trial in #trial-sign-ups channel. Trial sign ups are posted Sunday night (North American time) and are first-come, first-served for slots. Please do not sign up if you think there is a decent chance you will not be able to make it; the spaces are limited. If you sign up but the slots are full, you will automatically be listed as a 'backup', and will be moved into a slot if someone drops out. If you are a backup or were unable to sign up because you were unsure if you would be free, please do check in with the trial leads at the trial start time to see if any additional players are needed.

Does SoS do Veteran Trials?
We do! We have both training vet trials that are open to any member who meets the requirements and a vet progression group who tackles harder vet content. Because of the higher degree of difficulty and mechanics, the prog group trials are not open to everyone. If you have run several trials with the guild already and would like to join the prog group, visit the #get-a-rank channel in discord or message @Gage_ismyname for more information.

Why do I need to join discord?
Discord is the backbone of our community and allows all of the SoS guilds to interact. All members are required to join Discord.

Why do I need to change my name? I use this name in all my servers!
Our robot overlords demand it! We use a number of addons and webtools to manage membership and handle everything from patron to raffle to events, and these require us to be able to match eso accounts to discord accounts via an algorithm. You don't need to change your Discord username, only the nickname for our server. Right click on your name and select 'edit server profile.' Your nickname needs to include your ESO username exactly, including capitals/lowercase letters. Do not put the @ symbol in front of it, it freaks out Discord's search function. You can always include the name you wish to be called as well, as long as your username is fully contained in the nickname. The general convention is to put the name you wish to be called in parentheses after your username. You can also add pronouns to your nickname!

For full details how to do this, once you've received a login link to the SoS Member Portal, go to "About Me" -> "My Stats".

My ESO username has special characters
That's always tricky! Discord uses a different character set than ESO does, so there will need to be some special-case magic behind the scenes to get your accounts matched. Please DM an officer to get set up.