When is the raffle?
The raffle is every Saturday at 5p PST/8p EST, in the guild discord. Winners are announced in #general text and voice channels.

What are the raffle prizes?
Raffle prizes are announced each week in the #sos-raffle channel in discord!

What's an epic prize?
Epic prizes are extra stretch goal prizes. Each one is announced with a specific gold amount (Epic Prize 2 Million, for example). When the total raffle pool reaches that amount, we add the epic prize to the prizes for that week!

When do tickets need to be purchased by?
The cutoff for raffle tickets is 1 hour before the raffle drawing, at 4p PST/7p EST.

How do I get tickets/how much are tickets?
Deposit your gold in the guild bank! (Make sure you're depositing into the SoS guild bank, and not the bank of any other guilds you may be a member of!)
Is there a limit to how many tickets I can get at once?

Has anyone actually bought 1 million in tickets?

How many prizes can I win each week?
Each person can only win once per week.

Can I purchase tickets for someone else?
Sure! Just let an officer know who you are purchasing the tickets for and how much you deposited. Please deposit gift tickets in a separate deposit from any tickets you are purchasing for yourself.

What is the Newbie Pool?
The Newbie Pool is a pool of raffle tickets donated by various anonymous donors to new members who joined since the last raffle. How many tickets new members get depends on how many donations the Newbie Pool received over the week. To donate to the Newbie Pool, just deposit your gold and let an officer know that it's for the Newbie Pool.

Can I donate something to the raffle?
Certainly! We have a list of items we often need for raffles . You can message casusfere about donations, or just send her items through the in-game mail with something like "donation" in the subject line.