Guild Policies

Welcome to Shadows of Summerset! When you first arrive in our server, you will only be able to see and interact with a few channels. Once your membership has been verified by an officer, you will be given access to the rest. If you haven't received access to the full server after 24 hours, please reach out to @Help so we can get you sorted.

Guild Rules
Be respectful.
We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, bullying, fighting, elitism, mocking of your fellow guild members, or similar behavior. Likewise, we do not permit sexual comments, cruising, and unwanted flirting. Be mindful of topics that may make people uncomfortable; there is a time and place for such things, and not all topics are appropriate for this Discord or for guild chat. Treat your fellow Shadows with respect or you will not be welcome here.

Listen to the officers.
The continued smooth operation of a guild as large as this one requires a solid set of rules and a dedicated cadre of officers. If an officer asks you to stop doing something in chat, stop. If you are in a guild event, listen to the event lead. If you have an issue with an officer, message a higher-ranking officer or Kimi-kinz.

No buying or selling, including crowns, in guild chat or in Discord.
It clogs chat and doesn't benefit the guild. If those items were bought/sold in the SoS guild store, a portion of the sales would go back to the guild. The income from that sale can be used toward events and giveaways. You may post WTS or WTB (willing to sell/willing to buy) in the #traders-corner in Discord. Trading items is acceptable, and you are allowed to post that you have added items to the guild store but do not spam chat with notifications.

Crowns can be bought or sold through the Crown Exchange (#crown-exchange). We are also partnered with World Crown Exchange (WCE). Visit world-crown-exchange for more information.

No advertising for unaffiliated services.
This can include but is not limited to other ESO guilds and personal Twitch streams. If you're not sure whether what you would like to advertise would violate this rule, please ask an officer before posting or promoting.

No Streaming of SoS Events.
Streaming of SoS events to outside platforms is not allowed. This includes streaming to personal Twitch streams. Streaming of group activities outside of events (for example, a group of guild members doing dungeons) is only allowed with the knowledge and consent of all group members.

Participation in the Shadows of Summerset Discord server indicates the user's acceptance of the rules.
Violation of any of these rules may result in removal from both this server and the Shadows of Summerset guild at the discretion of the officers and guild mistress. The final arbiter of all disciplinary action is the Shadow Mistress. These rules are subject to change at the guild's discretion, and the guild reserves the right to make exceptions to the rules.

Guild Membership Policies
We have a 10-day inactivity policy. This means that if you're an Umbra and are inactive (offline or in "ghost mode") for 10+ days, you run the risk of having your membership revoked. For Shadow patrons, this is extended to 20 days. If you know that you're going to be offline for an extended period for whatever reason, please use the Member Portal to let us know. We don't want to remove you for inactivity if you intend to return when you're able!

Your Discord nickname must match or include your ESO account username (not your character's name). You will not be given access to the full Shadows of Summerset Discord server until this condition has been met, with no exceptions. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your removal from the server and the guild.

You must remain in the SoS Discord server for the duration of your ESO guild membership. If you leave the SoS Discord server, you run the risk of having your membership revoked.

SOS Voice and Music Channel Etiquette Guidelines
Please follow these guidelines to help us maintain a fun, respectful, and safe environment for them and all others. If you feel others are not following these rules and you are made to feel uncomfortable, please use the @ help ping in a text channel to summon an Officer, and say which channel they are needed in, and any online officer will come to join the voice channel promptly.

If a topic of discussion makes others uncomfortable but is not against the rules, be respectful of the comfort level of your guildmates. If you wish to continue the discussion, consider moving to another channel with other parties interested in continuing the discussion. If the topic of discussion or anything about the situation makes you uncomfortable, you may always ping @ help in any text channel or DM any online officer to have an officer sit in on the voice chat to moderate.

If you or your environment are producing a lot of ambient noise (talking to someone offline, eating crunchy food, rustling, voices in background, dogs barking, etc.), please mute your microphone or turn on push to talk. We do not have an ASMR channel on our server. If someone has fallen asleep or left the room with their mic open and it is disruptive, feel free to contact an officer to have them moved to the AFK channel until they return.

Group channels are catered to group members doing content or engaging in private discussion. In this spirit, do not join and talk/lurk in occupied group channels to which you are not invited.

Be respectful of others who are trying to talk and do not talk over others. Likewise, be aware of how long you have been talking and be considerate of the fact that other Shadows may wish to talk.

Be aware that not all members have a mic or choose to use it - some people in chat may respond to your questions/comments in the corresponding X-Chat-no-mic text channels. If possible, look there periodically. If you don't use a mic, you may need to ping the person to whom you are responding so that they are aware of your response.

The Club Shadow and Shadow Lounge channels are for listening to music; please be considerate of others by keeping conversation to a minimum, and moving discussions to a group voice channel.

In Club Shadow and Shadow Lounge, the music queue is to be shared by all guild members in the channel, but to be considerate of others please do not queue more than 5 items at a time. Queued items (songs, playlists, compilations, etc) may not exceed 15 minutes each, or together consecutively while listening with others. If you are listening alone and someone joins you, please be courteous and skip any queued items exceeding 15 minutes. Do not skip songs queued by other guild members if they are still in the channel listening. The queue list is first come first serve, so please be patient if you enter while someone else is listening.

Music selections in Club Shadow and Shadow Lounge should be appropriate for public listening, without graphic depictions of sex, violence, drug use, swearing, etc. Please be considerate of others if they state they are uncomfortable while listening to a queued item.