Shadows of Summerset - Officers

We're pleased to introduce the friendly shadows that maintain our community

Shadow Mistress

Hello! My name is Kimi (Kimi-kinz she/her) and I am the Shadow Mistress of SoS - The Guild Hall is my Primary Residence, The Meadows! My duties as SM mostly revolve around the overall management of the SoS Community (setting and reviewing policies, leading the Officer Corps and its various departments, and giving out smackies when needed lol). Prior to coming to ESO, I was a long-time WoW player, and enjoyed progressive raid healing. I main a High Elf Warden (healer), and my in-game interests are mostly trial healing, achievement hunting, crafting furniture (for auction lots and personal projects), and I really enjoy decorating in the ESO housing system. I like glowy furnishings the most, but I also love constructing crazy catwalks and perches with various boards and other random construction materials (some of you may have encountered my hedge maze this last Fall hehe). I'm very proud of this community and the Officer Corps, and my role in it is something that I enjoy but also take seriously, and on that note, my door is always open. Take care, and I hope to see you around in Tamriel and discord.

artemicon (el guar-la)
Hand of Mistress

Hello! I am Arte, the Shadow Koala! I am a Hand of Mistress (aka a ZHoM-Bie) here at Shadows of Summerset, and the main duties of my position are eating eucalyptus leaves, napping in trees, allowing pets of my fuzzy ears and tumtum, appearing very cute and cuddly (like most marsupials), and overseeing the representation of my fellow marsupials in guild content. I accept bribes in the form of leafies, I am the most metal koala you'll ever meet, and one of my favorite things about being an officer is making people smile and helping them have a good time, even when eucalyptus leafies aren't involved. My "natural habitat" is considered Oceanic Trials and Late Night WBW, but I also secretly dabble in home decorating (yes, there are sometimes trees), and enjoy lots of other content! I hope to see you around in AUS Tamriel!

casusfere (cas) _she/they/any_
Hand of Mistress

Hi! I'm Cas, casusfere in game (that's CAS-us-FAIR-ay) your friendly local neighborhood raffle maker and auctioneer! My first TES game was Skyrim, and I've been playing ESO since about March of 2020. I spend a lot of time treasure hunting for auction lots and putting together furnishing lots for our raffles and auctions, but my favorite game activities are trials and vet dungeons. I'm mostly a PvE player, but I love sieging and my favorite zone is Cryodiil, so you'll catch me zerging around from time to time! If you see me in game and I'm not responding, I'm probably making furnishing lots and have a spreadsheet open on top of my game window again. Oops!

ladyvonde _ she/they
Hand of Mistress

Hello there, I'm LadyVonde (von-Dee) and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I'm a Hand of Mistress that oversees our Events Team which includes planning and coordinating our weekly events (overland, PvP, trials), as well as long term planning such as contests (housing/fashion). The reason I joined SoS back in 2020 was because of an advert for the Dungeon and Dragons event and I've been around ever since.

My mains are a Wood Elf StamDen (PvE) and a Wood Elf StamDK (AD PvP), but since I like to dabble in ESO I have many others. Across my characters I have DPS (mostly Stam) of different classes/races, a couple tanks (Imperial Warden/Nord DK), and PvP peeps for all 3 alliances. I also enjoy exploring housing, fashion, and trading in ESO.

professorjfwi (elsecaller)
Hand of Mistress

My name is ProfessorJFWI, but feel free to call me Prof.

I am currently the HoM in charge of Shadows Exchange, the trade guild associated with SoS! So yes, I have an interest in farming, flipping, and selling things! It is a rather fun end game of its own and nothing quite beats the rush having those times where you pull in 20 million gold in sales in a day!

When not helping with the trade guild things, I enjoy doing four and twelve person content. I can play all the roles and have all my characters max level. Outside of the game I take care of some silly fuzzy animals and especially enjoy various fantasy and science fiction books. My favorite book series is The Stormlight Archive you will find all my toons are named from that series in some way or another!

Hand of Mistress

Hi! I'm Zenjisan, but please just call me Zenji or Zen. I played ESO on and off for a few years before joining Shadows of Summerset, where I finally found a real home. I became an officer because I love this community, and I want to give back to it however I can. As a Hand of Mistress, it's my responsibility to oversee training for new officers. It's also my privilege to administer Shadow Academy, a set of classes designed to teach our members more about different parts of ESO - I love teaching! One of my greatest joys in this game is helping new players, so please don't hesitate to ask me questions! We were all new once, and I'm committed to helping you get the most out of your stay here.

aoife516 (she/her)
Head Shadow

Hello! I'm Aoife pronounced ee-pha, and my pronouns are she/her. This is my first MMO since leaving WoW many years ago. I'm a bit all over the place depending on my mood, but my passions are gaming (DragonAge, Witcher, ESO, The Sims), binge-watching The Office, and reading paranormal/urban fantasy/romance(mostly romance) novels.

In ESO, I enjoy helping guildies where I can and farming/scrying. I'm always learning (because woah there is a lot to learn in ESO) and exploring everything very slowly. I'm a lazy completionist. I try not to leave a zone until it's done unless it takes too much effort. I also process Shadow Patron so if you have any questions, please let me know!

brassylassy (brassy)
Head Shadow

Hi! I'm Brassy, and my pronouns are she/her. I joined ESO a couple years ago, for about two weeks. During those two weeks, I joined Shadows Of Summerset, and didn't really do much. The friend I played with left, and so did I. I didn't understand enough to be comfortable without knowing anyone. But, summer 2022 my partner (some of you may know him as Matrix) and I were looking for a game we could play together, and we came back to ESO. He's a lifelong gamer, I'm a newbie gamer, but we can both play this one and have a great time!.
SoS has become such a great group of people, I'm thrilled I gave it a second chance and got to know people and got involved. You can usually find me just roaming around Tamriel. I like to do a bit of everything, I love questing, dungeons and trials, social events and fun times. If I'm able, I'll usually jump into a group for dungeons as needed. I'm learning how to lead events, and you'll be seeing me there as well.
I really enjoy helping others enjoy the game, so don't be afraid t ask all the silly questions, and I'll help you find answers! ....they may not be GOOD answers, but they'll be funny!

cassiem (mev - they/them)
Head Shadow

Hi! I'm Mev, in-game known as cassiem. IRL I'm a writer and this is reflected in-game with my obsession with lore - particularly everything dunmer and the tribunal (Vehk best boy). You'll usually catch me leading trials with my main toon, Teldyni, a mag warden! I love leading beginner trials to help others learn the ropes in an encouraging, low-pressure environment - so if you're ever keen to dip your toes into trials but don't know where to begin, feel free to sign up to some of mine! I also do a lot of the roster management styff, meaning I spend way too much time tinkering with spreadsheets and the back-end systems. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about anything I mentioned, or even just to talk about Vivec's Sermons!

darringer45 (darrin) _he/him_
Head Shadow

Hey team, Darrin here. Just your friendly neighborhood Trial Coordinator. I like to focus on group content and some light theory crafting. In game you'll see me either in Trials or looking for fills for Trials. On discord I like to haunt the builds and theory channel helping guildies max their mins or brainstorming the dumbest meme builds. Always happy to help newer players with the more convoluted aspects of the game or to learn the fine art of Support Roles.

smoldagron (smol)
Head Shadow

I am the Head Shadow known as Smol. SmolDagron or Teeniest Draconis, as it were. I collect and hoard all of the things for my true "End Game Content" which is crafting and housing. This is why I love to do many things with the raffle!! I often steal the "prize vault keys" for giveaways or prizes for silly events. As the Events Manager I keep track of the guildly happenings week-to-week to ensure maximum giggles, loots, chaos and good times for all!! If ever you need, I'm only a ping away. Ping me or direct message me, and I'll be there. D

"Silly is my middle name. Chaos is my main game. LETS HAVE SOME FUN!"

Shadow`s Hand

Heya, I'm a Rose. I'm a semi-retired old cat lady who started playing RPGs about 15 years ago. Yes, I'm a late bloomer.

I started playing ESO toward the end of 2021 and joined SOS the following February. Outside of the game I like to cook, write, read, and snuggle two of my three adorable cats the other one is too surly for that.

In game my main is Do'aji, a thief and assassin nightblade. I collect everything from motifs to recipes and furniture plans to mounts and silly pets. I love love antiquities and exploring, trying different things and leading or backing up various events. See y'all in game!

Shadow`s Hand

Hi, I'm Ellie. You'll see me around helping out with our weekly events, which I love doing! I've been playing games since I was a little girl, though these days it's limited to ESO (obviously) and The Sims series. In game I enjoy exploring, getting achievements, all the pretty dyes available, as well as neato things from scrying/excavating that I can't fit into my house. Feel free to come visit my house in Gleumbra, but it's what us cool kids call a Tiny Home so there isn't much room but you can enjoy all the cats my 10 year old son demanded I put in the house, so that's cool, I guess. Nice to meet you! If you need any help just ask, it's why we're here! )

Shadow`s Hand

Hey! I am Mistoffelees980, but many people just call me Misto. I have played ESO on and off since launch and really dove in a few years ago. I joined SoS back in 2020 when looking for a group of friendly players to interact with. I was surprised at how quickly the players in this guild became not only my friends, but my family. I applied to be an officer because I wanted to be able to contribute to the community that has given me so much over the last couple years. I enjoy being able to help players experience all aspects that ESO has to offer and help them find their passion within the game. Please never hesitate to ask me questions, I am always happy to help. Welcome again to our SoS family! I can't wait to see you in game and on Discord.

sennethe (senn)
Shadow`s Hand

Hi my name is Sen.
I have a wide variety of interests, crochet, knitting, TTRPG, and toddler wrangling to name a few. I am neuro spicy, of the ADHD variety. I have been playing ESO off and on since Beta, so I have a far ranging knowledge base and have forgotten more than most know. (please don't ask me about PvP) I am a Grand Master Crafter so hit me up if you are working towards that yourself or need any gear. I joined the officer team at the end of Feb 2022. Happy to be here, happy to help.